2018 Speaker: Timothy Swanson, LEED AP

CannonDesign USA

The youngest person to ever lead a CannonDesign office, Timothy Swanson guides 200+ architects, engineers, designers, planners and strategists, creating ground-breaking projects in locations as varied as rural India, New York, Chicago and the Middle East.

Swanson is broadly experienced in smart growth and sustainable development, working with leaders at the intersection of urban planning, public health and education, identifying new ways design and strategy can positively influence socioeconomic conditions.

FutureBuilt: Today's Cities to Tomorrow's Jobs

Faced with unprecedented shortages in the labour market, rising material prices, and greater responsibility to the environment, built and natural, the construction industry is ripe for both intervention and innovation. Reimagining buildings as products, built in controlled environments and delivered with a manufactured accuracy allows us to consider a future state where year over year advancement, leveraged partnerships across building material supply chains and the next generation of trades people are equally adept in p­­hysical and digital tools. Further, the jobs of the future are here and more are coming rapidly. With automation, AR/VR and other technologies set to revolutionize our workforce, it’s time for dramatic change in how we train people to seize these new opportunities. Yesterday’s approaches will not yield the results we need tomorrow.  This presentation rethinks how cities, businesses, and communities can be designed to push people toward these opportunities, exploring new models of building design and delivery, permanent modular construction advancements and a future state that sees the entire building industry as one cohesive whole.

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